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Thermal management, as it applies to an internal combustion engine, is the idea of controlling heat and friction in order to attain the maximum performance, fuel economy, and longevity through the use of ceramic coatings. This is done through the use of thermal barriers, thermal dispersants, and dry film lubricants. Each of these categories is explained in detail in their corresponding pages.

To fully understand the idea of thermal management, you must have an understanding of the first two laws of thermodynamics, they are as follows:

1st law - The law of conservation of matter and energy - Matter and energy cannot be created or destroyed, only changed. For example when you burn a piece of paper, it is not gone; it has changed into ash and smoke.

2nd law - This law states that heat has direction, it moves from an area of a large amount of heat to an area of a low amount of heat in order to achieve thermal equilibrium. Just as a hot cup of coffee cools off, the high amount of heat in the coffee is released into the surrounding atmosphere. Another example is an ice cube melting; in this case the heat in the atmosphere is absorbed by the ice and cool water to become the same temperature as the surrounding air.

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