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Charles Borrini, started this business 39 years ago . Our large following of customers proves our dedication in our field. His motto was simple “Education”. Our staff is on the technological edge, with the most advanced equipment available. In the 60’s and 70’s the auto machinist was thought of as just a person that bored blocks and did valve jobs, today that label has changed. Our staff must be educated in modern engine design, fuel management systems, drive line and list of specialized operations. Having the ability to diagnose problems and recommend solutions, have given us creditability with new and old customers.

Our drive is to continue problem solving. We help to eliminate common/repetitive problems or issues with your vehicle. Our experienced team strives to customize and conform to any customer requests. If the dealer can't get it or fix it, our guys usually can.

 Fast cars are a lot of fun. JCM has been involved in every type of racing from slot cars to monster trucks. One undeniable fact that we have learned over the years, is that racing on the edge can be very expensive. Although winning can give you an adrenaline rush, breaking your engine can give you one also.
Some racers sacrifice reliability for performance. JCM looks at it a little differently. Reliability runs right with performance.

 JCM’s website is dedicated to education. The better educated our customers; the more capable they are of maintaining and diagnosing their vehicles. The key to being a winner is to be First on the “smart list”.
 Your average machine shop can bore blocks; do valve jobs and an assortment of other machine operations. JCM has gone to the extreme. When another machine shop says it’s junk, we look at it as just another repair. See the Photo Gallery for an example. I’ve also included some pictures of the shop.
 I hope you will enjoy and learn from the web site. All of the information in this website was solely written by Charles Borrini. When he passed away in December, 2011, it was a great loss to the entire automotive community. The wealth of knowledge he had accumulated over the years was staggering. He is missed.

We continue to value the family owned and run business as Charles did. As he always pushed to help his customers, whether it be racers, mudders, or for the daily driver, we will contnue this.

From Ford to Ferrari, our guys can help you.


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